Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gratuitous Adjectives

Were Greenwald to hold himself to his own standards for accountability, he might have acknowledged that in retrospect he was wrong. Yet there were no such mea culpas in the article. If he didn't have the space to get into this matter, he could at least have saved a couple words by dropping gratuitous adjectives.

This is Michael O'Hanlon citing, among other things, Glenn Greenwad's logorrhea. I remain amazed that such a piss-poor writer (and obnoxious turd) can churn out a popular, hosted blog, three trade books, including one NYT Best-Seller, and be asked to contribute to the National Interest. I don't envy the editors charged with Herculean task of flushing the shit out of those stables.

The National Interest is a magazine that has published the likes of Francis Fukuyama ("The End of History"!), Richard Pipes, Robert Conquest and Saul Bellow. Either we've plummeted into empire-ending cultural decay, or I'm missing something.

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