Thursday, February 14, 2008

Best Wishes to Andrew D'Angelo

I used to follow New York downtown jazz pretty closely. It's great, aesthetically regenerative music, but it's annoyingly bifurcated. There's really great shit -- like Tim Berne's various projects and people like the pianist Uri Caine and the drummer Jim Black; and there's really awful shit -- like John Zorn's various excrescences and the people who buzz around him like flies tending the ass of a mule pissing in summer.*

Saxophonist and composer Andrew D'Angelo is one of the good guys. I'm not a fan of his personally, but he's collaborated with people (like Jim Black and Chris Speed) I admire greatly. I found out today that he was suffering from a brain tumor. He just had it removed. I wish him a strong recovery and all the best.

Postscript: I learned this from Darcy James Argue's blog. I had never heard him before. He's written some great music.

* Thank you, Catullus. I'll always be grateful.

Update: I should say I'm aware some great musicians have collaborated with Zorn and appeared on the Tzadik label. I always wondered why people like Uri Caine and Marc Ribot would give him the time of day. I suspect these guys just sucked it up and did what they had to do to work and network downtown.

Update again: Fuck. The biopsy shows it's cancer, a nasty, aggressive kind.

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