Tuesday, January 1, 2008

This Week in Bitchslaps

As the ecstatic debris settles on another New Year's Day, I'm enjoying two well-earned smackdowns. James Wolcott lays into the absurd Lee Siegel, the pompous fraud who in the course of an excruciating essay about steroids in baseball, has had the balls to bemoan Stephen Glass, Scott Thomas Beauchamp and the lack of authenticity on the Internet!
Given Siegel's unfortunate foray into sockpuppetry, he might want to rein back on the snot drops secreted from on high against fake-fact self-injectors and avatars with secret identities and agendas. His own writing has no need for steroids, metaphorical or otherwise. His prose is always already so pumped up with grandiose pretention that artificial inflators would be redundant.

Over to the great Oliver Kamm, who on the subject of Enola Gay pilot General Paul Tibbets and the bombing of Hiroshima, is batting around real-life Simpson's character Eric Alterman like a turd in a cat litter.
I see little purpose in being diplomatic about this performance, if only because Alterman does explicitly present himself as an expert on US foreign relations and US history. From my observation, he's not up to it. If he wishes to persist in his statement of what the historical evidence "clearly" shows on the A-bomb decisions, then I invite him to demonstrate it, at long last. I shall be glad to debate that evidence publicly with him, online or in person, at any time.

That I would like to see.

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