Thursday, September 27, 2007

Debate Round Up

I watched about half of the Democratic debate at Dartmouth. These debates are interesting to a degree, but ultimately they’re like the executive dog-and-pony shows we’re subjected to every Quarter at the Fortune 100 company I work for, where upper management gets up on stage and makes positioning statements and you’re supposed to read the tea leaves, but half of it is full of shit and the other half is diluted, so in the end it’s just provender for the bovine sots at my level. I feel insulted and like I’ve wasted my time.

My impressions were that Hillary is surprisingly arrogant -– how dare she explicitly refuse to answer two important direct questions? I'm shocked she didn't take a call from Rudy in the middle of the thing. Obama is a beautiful man who don’t need no $800 haircut. I imagine a lot of legs were rubbing together during his opener. Edwards is appealing. I liked his zeal about health care, but his stance on the social normalization of homosexuality -- expressed in his answer to the question about the children's book in which a prince marries a prince -- was bizarre. It was all like, "Hey, whatever the people want is cool, whatever my kids want to read is cool, I don't tell them or my wife what to think. I'm not really into gay marriage myself, but yeah, someday it will all be cool [Breck Girl twinkle]". Does this kind of thing really play with voters?

Joe Biden was pretty funny and tough; he talked a good game on foreign policy. Kucinich is an unelectable muppet. Bill Richardson is useless. Chris Dodd is inoffensive. Mike Gravel is insane.

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